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The Charism of the Clerics Regular Minor

Called to the intimacy of life with God in Christ, consecrated to the service of the Lord, in the generous fulfilling of our vocation, we put prayer in the first place of our life..... The religious is a man of God and therefore a man of prayer. He, therefore, will have God as the first and principal interlocutor of his day. He will cultivate the spirit of prayer and prayer itself.(Constitutions 47-48)

Jesus' Paschal Mystery is at the heart of the charism of the Clerics Regular Minor. Our Founders wanted to leave before our eyes the image of Christ, triumphant over sin and death in order to encourage and lead us to a paschal life. Our lives should manifest both renunciation and joy.

In the spirit of Psalm 27, the Cleric Regular Minor desires to live in the presence of the Lord all the days of his life. In our tradition, living in the presence of the Lord is especially manifested in our devotion to the Eucharist. The Eucharist is for us the source and summit of sanctification and of the apostolate.

The Clerics Regular Minor strive to cultivate among the faithful communitarian Eucharistic Adoration, and all the other forms of Eucharistic piety, according to the directives and liturgical norms of the Church.

Our life of prayer as religious men prepares us daily for our pastoral service to the Church, our work in the missions and our apostolates.

After the example of Our Founders, the Clerics Regular Minor will ardently love, according to the spirit of the Church, the Blessed Virgin Mary...This love for the Holy Virgin is to be expressed by imitating her virtues, by celebrating her feasts with particular solemnity, and by practising and spreading the devotion to the Holy Rosary.