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A Happy Easter to all our friends and benefactors, especially to the parishioners of Immaculate Conception in Goose Creek, South Carolina. This picture of the Risen Christ located in the sanctuary wall of their church, is particularly impressive and much in tune with the perennial message of Easter, and as captured by our Founders: A.M.R.G.

April 9 has a special significance for the Adorno Fathers, because it was on that day in 1589 that Augustine Adorno and Francis Caracciolo made their Religious Profession in the chapel of our Lady succure miseris in Naples. Because the day was the Sunday after Easter and the liturgy was still celebrating Christ's victory over death, our Founders chose the Resurrection of Christ as their logo with the words" Ad Majorem Resurgentis Gloriam, To the Greater Glory of the Risen Christ.

Christ rising from the dead is a strong sign for any christian. For our Order in particular, He has been a sign of hope and reassurance. "Do not be afraid," said Christ to the apostles who struggled to keep the faith. He seems to be saying the same thing today whether we face the challenges of preparing candidates for future ministry in the church or of coping with the difficulties of living, jobs, school...

The forces pulling us down are always there, but so is Christ who 'has overcome the world.'

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