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Coat of Arms of the Adorno Fathers and Brothers

  • Our Coat of Arms shows the Risen Christ in a baroque setting reminiscent of the period-the 16th century-when the Order came into existence; and the Liturgical Season-Easter time- when the Founders made their Religious Profession of vows in the new Order.

  • Our Motto:The letters A.M.R.G. stands for Ad Majorem Resurgentis Gloriam:To the Greater Glory of the Risen Christ, in whose honor and glory the Order is dedicated.

  • C.R.M. The Clerics Regular was a general name for all the religious Orders which followed the Council of Trent. Regular stands for a rule of common life that we follow. The word Minor was given to the Order by Pope Sixtus V, who himself was a Friar Minor, and may have wanted it for personal reasons but it was readily agreed to by our Founders in view of the great emphasis they placed on humility.