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Dear Friends,

Summer began very early here at St. Michael's Seminary, since our students finished school in the middle of May. By the end of June, we were ready to start again with our programs of formation. We began our year, so to speak, at Graymoor in Garrison, New York with a Spiritual Retreat preached by Father Peter Taran, S.A. with the support of his whole Franciscan community and the setting of the mountain, which made those five days uplifting.

Coming down the mountain, our five postulants were initiated (June 28th) into the canonical year of Novitiate, while the two current novices are making final preparation to take the vows on August 2nd. We did not make a great deal for the beginning of the Novitiate, but we do invite you to come to Nony's and Jun's Profession of the Vows at St. Joseph Church, Lodi New Jersey at 6:00 p.m. The ceremony will take place during the celebration of Sunday Mass and will be followed by an informal reception in the school auditorium.

Father Ed Enverga came back from India and brought many news about our seminary in Mallikassery, first impressions of the State of Kerala, the culture, the language, the liturgy, the food and the weather. He has been talking for days on all that and we have learned from his experience.

There has also been much vocational work, especially by Father Michael Marotta, -- letters to inquirers, visits to families, days of discernment -- activities not usually seen and often fruitless, but we are daily concerned and work and pray to recruit new candidates to our religious life. With the help of God, it looks like we are going to have a few more candidates to join us this September. We will speak about them another time.

Father Nicholas Capetola,CRM

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