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THE CONSECRATED LIFE, deeply rooted in the example and teaching of Christ the Lord, is a gift of God the Father to his Church, through the Holy Spirit. By the profession of the evangelical counsels the characteristic features of Jesus - the chaste, poor and obedient one - are made constantly "visible" in the midst of the world and the eyes of the faithful are directed toward the mystery of the kingdom of God already at work in history, even as it awaits its full realization in heaven (Introduction to Consecrated Life , Pope John Paul II).

Inspired by the example of countless men and women who in every age have chosen this special way of following Christ, and intending to devote themselves to him with undivided heart (Cf. 1Cor 7:34), Gerry Coquilla, Jason Caganap, Ted Quinto, Wilbert Alegre and Larry Dizon have undertaken, beginning June 29, 1998, a special year of spiritual studies with particular attention to be given to religious vows, the Rule of the Adorno Fathers and community living. Prayer and personal relationship with the Lord will be their primary task each day of the year.

In a world always driven by a frenzied search for pleasure, riches and freedom, these young men will be reflecting on the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience in order that at the end of the year they may take these vows. It will be a year in which they will let go of many things even the ordinary theological courses in order to concentrate on the fascination of God and his Son's Gospel. In a very special way they can and must proclaim that they not only belong to Christ but that they have become Christ (St. Augustine).

THE NOVICES: Wilbert, Ted, Gerry, Larry and Jason with their NOVICE MASTER, Father Nicholas Capetola

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